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About ULAB

In January 2011, Edinburgh University’s Linguistics and English Language Society wanted to develop links with linguistics students in other universities. They searched for a national undergraduate linguistics group but soon realised that none existed: this led to the creation of ULAB. We are a student-run autonomous collective, and we are entirely staffed by volunteers. ULAB is the only organisation set up for undergraduate linguistics students that is not tied to another professional organisation or university. 


  • To provide a forum for linguistics discussion among undergraduates and other students within and outside of the UK.
  • To showcase undergraduate research in linguistics by holding an annual conference, and also through our journal, magazine, and online events.
  • To help provide a network and central hub for student linguistics societies (see 'Partner Societies' below).
  • To bridge the gap between national student interests and universities and professional organisations.
  • To provide information and support for undergraduate linguistics students looking to pursue linguistics-related postgraduate studies and careers (see Opportunities).

How to get involved

All of our social media links can be found at ulab.carrd.co.
You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or by emailing the national committee. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.
For queries regarding the 2022 conference to be hosted at the University of Edinburgh, contact the local committee at [email protected].
For queries regarding JoULAB, the undergraduate journal published by ULAB, contact the Editorial Committee at [email protected].
For queries relating to U-Lingua, ULAB's quarterly magazine, contact the Editorial Team at [email protected]

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