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Become a Member

Last September, we launched an initiative for ULABers to buy membership in return for some fun perks and opportunities. Thank you to everyone who signed up last year - your support is invaluable, and it's helped us achieve so much!

This year, we're re-launching membership for the academic year - it'll cost £7.50 for undergraduates and £10 for everyone else. Membership will expire on August 31st 2023, and won't automatically renew. 

ULAB members will recieve discounted conference tickets, the right to attend and vote in 2023's AGM, access to a Super Secret and Special Mailing List™, and potentially more later this year! Additionally, you'll recieve free use of Rayyan, a platform to speed up the process of literature reviewing by helping to categorise and filter from a list of references.

If that's not exciting enough, you'll also have access to some exclusive members-only events - from CV and abstract workshopping to conference-related public speaking skills! Specific dates will be confirmed soon. 

Of course, this is only for ULABers who are in a comfortable financial position to contribute. You can become a member at any point between now and next August, and these perks will only ever remain perks - ULAB will continue to be accessible to everyone, regardless of money!