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University of Aberdeen 2021

  • Online

    Annual General Meeting

    Vote on the brand-new ULAB constitution, vote for the new committees and subcommittees of ULAB, and the next university to host the ULAB Conference in 2022!
    If you have paid your conference fee, the form for running for a position has been sent to you. 
  • Online

    Artie Making Competition

    Learn how to make your very own version of our ULAB mascot, Artie!
  • Online

    Introduction and welcome to ULAB 2021

  • Online

    LaTeX Workshop

    PhD students Nina Markl (Edinburgh) and Brandon Papineau (Stanford) will be introducing students to the typesetting language LaTeX. In this short course, they will cover the creation of basic documents, including tables, images, and hyperlinks, as well as managing bibliographies and references. They will also devote time to linguistics-specific capabilities and packages in LaTeX. These include: implementation of the IPA, phonological rules, syntax trees, interlinear glossing, and more. You will walk away from this workshop with a basic understanding of LaTeX and its capabilities, as well as a sample document which you can use as a template in your own future work.
  • Online


    Taskmaster, but ULAB! Solve linguistics-themed challenges in teams and on Teams. 
  • Online

    ULAB Evening Café

    Chat with other ULABers over MS Teams with some tea, or over the Discord.