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Board of Reviewers

The Board of Reviewers

All submissions to JoULAB are reviewed by two doctoral students or candidates in linguistics (or an adjacent area). In almost all cases, these two reviewers will be selected from the Journal's pool of reviewers, known as the Board of Reviewers. Members of the Board of Reviewers have met personally with at least one, in most circumstances two or three, individuals on the Journal's Editorial Committee to discuss reviewing for JoULAB and what that entails. They have all also been provided with unique guidelines to facilitate the unique task of peer-reviewing undergraduate work.

If you are a doctoral student who would be interested in joining our Board of Reviewers, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us via email at ulabjournalreviews [at]

Select Members of the Board of Reviewers

We are proud of the diversity of fields, institutions, and nationalities represented on the Board of Reviewers. To date, we have over 60 reviewers from countries across the world. Below is a non-exhaustive list of members of the Board of Reviewers who have consented to have their information displayed:

Adrián Castro | Universidad de Granada
Afrah Ali | Lancaster University
Ailín Franco | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Alejandra Celi | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Alicia Megan Brown | University of Arizona
Anabelle Caso | Harvard University
Analí Taboh | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Anna Caunt | Plymouth University
Annie Holtz | University of Edinburgh
Annika Schiefner | University of Cologne
Ashley Reilly-Thornton | University of Brighton
Bran Papineau | Stanford University
Brennan Gonering | University of California Davis
Carolin Tyrchan | Leipzig University
Catherine Arnett | University of California San Diego
Chad Hall | Michigan State University
Chara Triantafyllidou | University of Cambridge
Cid Swanenvleugel | Leiden University
Claudia Cojocaru | University of York
Cliodhna Hughes | Sheffield University
Coline Calliol | Université Paris Cité
Diane Stoianov | University College London
Dmytro Hrytsu | Pavol Jozef Šafárik University
Elena Ferrato | Università degli Studi di Verona
Emilio Blanco | University of Kent
Essi Harbord | University of Cambridge
Felicity Parry | Bangor University
Gilly Marchini | University of Edinburgh
Gina Scarpete Walters | Arizona State University
Guillem Belmar | University of California Santa Barbara
Hannah Lam | University of Alberta
Hannah Lippard | University of California Los Angeles
Irene Fally | University of Vienna
James Lee | Harvard University
Jia Ren | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jinyoung Jo | University of California Los Angeles
Johanna Mechler | University of Duisberg-Essen
Juan Krojzl | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Laura Ramírez | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Leire Sarto | University College Dublin
Macarena Quiroga | Universidad de Hurlingham
Malhaar Shah | University of Maryland
Mari-Liis Korkus | University of Tartu
María Ángeles Chimenti | Universidad de San Martín
Marisol de los Ríos | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Marisol Murujosa | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Mashael Althobiti | University of Reading
Matthew Sung | Leiden University
Megan M. Brown | Boston University
Melissa Scalabrin | Liverpool Hope University
Melody Wang | Harvard University
Merve Kıymaz | Middle East Technical University
Ming Sum Kong | University of St Andrews
Mireia Sellés | Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
Mohammad Saeid Miri | Allameh Tabataba'I University
Mohanad Al-saad | Newcastle University
Nadine Dietrich | University of Edinburgh
Naomi Peck | University of Freiburg
Nerina Piedra Molina | Universidad de Granada
Nevena Klobucar | Ulster University
Nicolás Arellano | Universidad de Buenos Aires
Nicole Majka | Bangor University
Noah Elkins | University of California Los Angeles
Rachel Shannon | University of Strathclyde
Samir Ahmed | Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Scott Perry | University of Alberta
Stephan Mikhailov | HSE University
Sumrah Arshad | University of Göttingen
Sylvain Pourciel | University of Birmingham
Tamara Gómez Carrero | Universidad de Valladolid
Tan Gedik | University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Tom Williamson | University of the West of England
Yahui Wang | Queen Mary University of London
Yanan Wang | Leiden University
Yaqian Huang | University of California San Diego
Yiyang Guo | University of Cambridge
Yolanda Xavier | NOVA University of Lisbon
Yuze Sha | Lancaster University
Zafar Ullah Shaheen | National University of Modern Languages